to Karasuchan.me! This is the personal space of Carla, AKA Karasu. Here you will find art, photography and other things. Please have a look around and leave a message in my Cbox and guestbook if you want! ^_^

4/9/20 - Thank you Kei for giving me an award! You can see it in the 'personal' section :D

4/8/20 - I joined Nightmare Fantasmic's SOTM contest! I'll let you all know when voting starts so you will (hopefully) vote for me. :) Once again, stay safe and take care of yourselves!

3/25/20 - Haven't had anything to update for a while. I hope you are all staying safe out there.

2/14/20 - Added new cyberstamps! Also in internet nostalgia news, I resurrected an old clique I opened in 2003, old layout and all. It got almost 500 members but closed in 2005. It's called Ninin Naruto. The purpose is to join and list your fav Naruto pairing. It's really meant as a slice of internet history and nostalgia, and for posterity, but it is also joinable!

2/10/20 - Added new collected cyberstamps!

2/6/20 - Added a bunch of stamps in the "for you" section :3 Also added a bunch of pixels.

2/3/20 - Added Cyberstamps page, and some stamps! Also I now have a "trade" section on the menu.

1/31/20 - Added two new link exchanges :D

1/29/20 - Added the Pocket Bishoujo, Swapex, and Joined & Listed pages. I already want to make a new layout. Argh. Didn't really make a new layout, just changed the images.

1/24/20 - Added some claims to the Claim-a-Bish page! :D Also worked on the OCs page.

1/23/20 - Added the "Claim-a-bish" page.

1/19/20 - Added several pages: Playlists, Fanlistings, Claims, Pocket Bishounen and Site-ID TCG.

1/15/20 - Added a bunch of stuff. If the Cbox disappeared for you (or if you have one on your site), read how to get it back here. Yeah, Firefox did an update. Cbox support said they are working on it. Works again.

1/12/20 - Finished the photography pages. Added Adoptable Pets, Stamps, Resources, and added more art. Added the Non-Anime and Photomanipulations art pages.

1/9/20 - Added a bunch of photos in "Cemeteries & Churches". Also added the "Adoptables" and "Stamps" pages and one affiliate! And for some reason, my cbox is malfunctioning.

1/4/20 - Added a bunch of pixels in adopted. Added the Gifs I Made page (lots of Sailor Moon!) and the Music page.

1/1/20 - Trying to get as much done as I can over the last few days. Art pages are up.

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